BeanStomper FAQ

The BeanStomper harnesses the power of analogue technology, eliminating the need for external power. Once connected via an XLR cable to your speaker, mixing desk, or PA system, simply adjust the gain and EQ settings to your preference, and you’re ready to enhance your performance with its rich, resonant sound.

Absolutely! We understand that every musician has unique tastes and needs. We’re more than happy to discuss custom orders to ensure your BeanStomper feels like a true extension of your musical persona. While there are limitations to what materials can be used, our team is excited to explore creative options with you.

Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction means we offer a generous repair service. If your BeanStomper develops a fault, please reach out to us directly. We’re dedicated to resolving any issues so you can continue to enjoy your instrument for years to come.

Yes and no. The BeanStomper produces a significant amount of signal on it’s own, so plugging directly into active PA speakers should produce a full and strong sound. However, like any analogue device, we would recommend plugging it into a mixing desk or amp to give the best results and to get the most power out of the BeanStomper. Some amps, such as guitar amps may not provide enough power to output a desireable amount of power.

Yes, we welcome bulk orders, whether for retail purposes or group purchases. If you’re interested in ordering BeanStompers in large quantities, please contact us at or via our website’s contact form. We’re excited to bring the BeanStomper experience to more musicians and audiences.

Definitely! The BeanStomper is as versatile as it is unique. Whether you’re a singer-songwriter, part of a band, or a solo instrumentalist, it’s designed to complement a wide array of musical styles. From folk and country to rock and beyond, the BeanStomper adds depth and rhythm to your sound.

Yes, durability is a cornerstone of the BeanStomper’s design. Handcrafted with robust materials, it’s built to withstand the demands of touring and travel. We’ve ensured that it’s not just an instrument but a reliable companion on your musical journey.

Delivery times can vary depending on your location and our current order volume. Once your order is placed, we’ll provide an estimated shipping date. We strive to get your BeanStomper to you as quickly as possible because we know you’re eager to start stomping.

If your question hasn’t been answered here, please email or use the contact form for all other queries.