BeanStomper Demo


The BeanStomper delivers a consistent acoustic profile, characterised by a dominant low-frequency response that centers around the fundamental 50Hz to 100Hz range. This ensures a solid bass tone with high energy in the low range that is easy to manipulate via EQ. This makes it perfect for use in a bar or a studio. Musicians that prefer a more mid to high sound still have that option at their fingers. Suitable for both live and studio environments, the pedal’s sound compliments a range of musical styles and performances.

How To Use

The BeanStomper is extremely easy to set up and use:

  1. Plug in an XLR cable to from the Neutrik XLR connector to your mixing desk or speaker
  2. Set the appropriate gain level for your mixer or device (if you hear a buzz or hum, your gain may be set too high)
  3. Set your EQ – you can find some examples in our demo video above but feel free to experiment, everyone has their own sound!
  4. Figure out a comfortable position to play in, some people tap with their toe, others place their heel on the BeanStomper and lift their toe and others turn it around use their heel
  5. Stomp those beans!

Note: like any instrument, the BeanStomper will take some time to get used to, both technically and physically. It is also perfect for practicing timing and rhythm.